Softboards Australia Pty Ltd has been producing surfboards in Australia since 1999. Softboards were given to various surf schools such as Bondi, Manly, Cronulla, Surfing Byron Bay, Surfing WA and Cheyne Horan. The surf schools gave it the surf test and the results were excellent. The board was totally soft, with a double fibreglass stringer for stiffness, increased rocker and hand shaped rails. They surfed well and lasted the punishment of “Learn to Surf” classes. The Softboard was what the surf school industry needed as there were inferior products on the market.

From there Softboards became a successful product on the local market. Softboards Australia began producing surf boards for all the major surf schools and retailers in Australia. Manly Surf School, Cronulla Surf school, Cheyne Horan Surf School, Let’s Go Surfing Bondi, Surfing WA, Beach Culture South Australia, Great Lakes Surf School, Surfing Byron Bay Surf School, Surfection, Aloha and Dripping Wet Surf shop all placed orders. The company was growing each year. In 2004 Softboards Australia produced 750 surf boards for the surf school and retail industry.

In May 2005 the company relocated to Sydney from Forster, where Matt Grainger, peninsula resident and life-long dedicated surfer took over the company. Matt is owner/head instructor at Manly Surf School. Having been involved with surf schools since 1984 and as the Coaching Director of Manly Surf School and Surfing NSW, Matt has tested every soft board on the market and knows from experience what is required for safety, performance and durability.

The latest models have extra foam on the deck to take impact from beginners standing on them and nose bumpers to stop de-lamitation from nose bumps and heavy nose dives. The boards are constructed from A-grade polyethethylene with a high density slick bottom, non rash decking material and soft fins. All materials are heat laminated using no glues, meaning the boards last longer as glues break down in salt water and through sun exposure. Colours come in pink, blue, red, white, and purple.